6 reasons to book a festive wedding

At Bickley Mill, we love a winter wedding and with the festive season in sight, we’re beginning to get excited about winter weddings at the inn. Without getting too ahead of ourselves, we can’t wait to hear from people that receive a surprise Christmas proposal and start their wedding planning journey in 2019!

Choosing which season to celebrate your special day is a big decision, with many opting for a summer wedding but have you ever thought about the benefits of celebrating your big day in the winter months?

Here are 6 reasons that might make you think a winter wedding is the one for you…

1. Budget-friendly

As it’s outside of the typical ‘wedding season’, getting married in winter is great for the budget, with venues/suppliers offering cheaper rates or packages and with more availability. Meaning your budget won’t take a big hit, and you’ll have the pick of your preferred suppliers!

2. Cosy atmosphere

From snowy, frosty weather to shorter days and early dark nights, winter weddings offer a chance to embrace a cosy atmosphere as part of your big day… think atmospheric lighting, fairy lights and candles - they all come to life perfectly at a winter wedding.

3. Seasonal treats

With so much tasty food and drink only enjoyed over the festive period, why not use your big day to make the most of seasonal flavours and produce. From spiced drinks to warming hearty dishes, embrace these winter delights and make them part of your special day.

4. Holiday season

A big benefit of a December wedding is that as it’s one of the busiest times of the year, many people already have time booked off work. So, if you’re planning a wedding over the festive season, be sure to send out save the dates as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

5. Travel & accommodation

If you have guests that need to travel to attend your big day, travel and accommodation rates are much cheaper in winter months. The same goes for honeymoon planning; you’ll find luxurious holidays at a fraction of the cost outside of the peak holiday season!

6. Whatever the weather

Winter weddings come with less risk. We know you’re thinking about snow, ice, rain and cold temperatures… but with winter weddings held indoors, if you and your guests can get to the venue (we held weddings during the 2018 Beast from the East!), there’s no reason that the weather should interfere with your big day!

The inn is an idyllic location for a winter wedding and we have some fantastic winter wedding packages available. For more information, please download our wedding pack.

If you would like to arrange a free viewing or check availability, please call our experienced Wedding Planner on 01803 873201.


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