Location and accessibility for your dream Devon wedding

Planning a wedding can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, especially when it comes to choosing your preferred location. If you are considering a Devon wedding, you need to factor in accessibility for your guests. After all, what's the essence of a beautiful, elegant wedding if your guests can't make it to the venue? In this blog post, we'll explore the various considerations you should make about your Devon wedding venue's location and accessibility. 

Convenient location 

When it comes to your wedding venue, choosing a location that is convenient for your guests should be the top priority. Consider transportation ease, especially for guests coming from out of town. If your wedding venue is too far from the city centre, you might inconvenience some of your guests who are not familiar with the area. Keep in mind that you want to make the wedding day a special event, and you also want everyone to have fun without worrying about getting lost. 

"At Bickley Mill Inn, we understand the importance of location and accessibility when it comes to organising your dream Devon wedding. With our rustic yet charming venue situated in a stunning natural setting, you can enjoy all the beauty of the Southwest countryside without having to sacrifice convenience. We're just 40 minutes away from Exeter city centre, and within easy reach of many major transport links."

 -- Vanessa Woodleigh-Smith, co-owner, Bickley Mill Inn 


Once you've chosen a convenient location, consider how accessible the venue is. Check out the accessibility options for those who have mobility issues, and whether there are any stairs or steps to climb. Remember that some guests might be arriving with babies, and others might have disabilities that make it challenging to get around. Ensure that your wedding venue can accommodate their needs with proper accessibility details. 

Transportation options 

Depending on the location of your venue, having a variety of transportation options available can help guests travel from place to place without much hassle. For example, if your wedding venue is located in the rural countryside, make sure to arrange cabs or ride-sharing options so that guests can easily find their way back to the hotel or local accommodation. Having transportation options is an essential consideration, so don't leave your guests stranded. 

Parking ability 

Parking availability is crucial, especially if your wedding has many guests attending. Ensure that the wedding venue has enough parking space for everyone to park their cars. Suppose the venue provides limited parking capacity. In that case, you can also research the other available parking options in the neighbourhood and communicate them with your guests. This way, your guests can plan their transportation accordingly, and you will not have to worry about uncoordinated parking. 


If you want your wedding day to be unforgettable, choosing a location with a stunning view will create lasting memories for everyone. Devon offers various picturesque views, from lovely seaside scenes to rolling hills and meadows. Ensure that the chosen venue's surroundings paint a backdrop that will complement your wedding photographs and video. Don't shy away from viewing different Devon wedding venues to find a location that ticks all the boxes. 

"We are dedicated to providing you with a wedding experience like no other. Our staff are passionate about making your vision become a reality, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional service and attention to detail. We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to fit your individual needs, from our standard wedding packages to fully customisable celebrations. -- Vanessa Woodleigh-Smith, co-owner, Bickley Mill Inn 

Making it easy for your guests 

The location and accessibility of your Devon wedding venue play an essential role in ensuring that your big day goes smoothly. You want to ensure that your guests will be able to access the venue easily, park their cars without hassle, and enjoy a breathtaking setting. With these considerations in mind and a bit of research, finding your wedding destination will be worth the effort.  

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