Six Ways to Beat The Sunday Blues

Did you ever feel that your day of rest was somewhat lacking? From those niggling chores to the mere thought of Monday morning, what should be the sweetest day of the week can feel like a drag.

Here at Bickley Mill, we love to spice things up with highlights such as our Classic Sunday package (stay from £99 including traditional Sunday Roast – find out more) and special Jazz Sundays. Should you still be in the doldrums, however, here are six ways to end the weekend on a high...

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1. Limit Your Lie-in

Why is it so devilishly hard to get out of bed on a Sunday? Free of the alarm clock at last, it is a guilty pleasure many of us cannot resist. But does it do your mind and body any favours?

There is no sin in staying in bed a little longer, but setting a new world record for the amount of time spent in pyjamas is not a great idea.

Getting up at sensible o’clock has serious feel-good advantages. It creates extra time to finish any chores or just to have more fun – a bracing walk on Dartmoor perhaps, or a trip to the beautiful boutiques of Dartington are firm Sunday favourites. But most importantly of all, an early(ish) start keeps your routine consistent, allowing you to sleep properly later on.

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2. Get Back to Nature

On a cold Sunday morning, the world outside your door can feel as unwelcome as your bed is inviting. But fresh air and exercise are the perfect tonic to the doldrums or, dare we say it, Saturday’s hangover. Even if it is just for half an hour, see if you can find somewhere quiet and leafy.

We are particularly lucky to have so many wild, peaceful places here in Devon and the staff here at Bickley Mill would be only too happy to point you in the direction of a sublime place to stroll.

The sound of birdsong or a rushing stream are good for the soul, while steady exercise is a proven way to improve your mood. Natural surroundings are also a timely escape from the technology so many of us are addicted to. Why not switch your phone off and leave the tweeting to the birds for a change?

Image title3. Keep Things (semi) Orderly

Do you struggle to get anything useful done on a Sunday? Many an end to the weekend is spoiled by the nagging thought of unfinished business.

This is not a day for endless chores, but if you can take care of one or two jobs before lunchtime the relief will be palpable. Whether it’s finishing a piece of work or simply tidying the house, you’ll feel stacks better and more able to enjoy the rest of Sunday guilt-free.

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4. Keep It Cultured

Why is it that we cram evening classes and interest groups into the week and yet Sunday is populated by TV repeats and sofa surfing? Sundays don’t have to be stale, they can be stimulating!

Why not meet up with friends, discover something new or go and see a live event? Conversation, culture and laughter create happy Sundays, not to mention something to talk about on Monday. Here at Bickley Mill we enjoy livening up weekends with our regular Jazz Sundays.

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5. Eat Well (and let someone else do the washing up!)

As even the biggest Sunday Scrooge will testify, a cracking roast meal is the silver lining of even the dampest weekend. But it can also be a veritable battlefield of ingredients, cooking times and washing up; unless you leave this pleasure to some other soul.

Naturally, it would be our pleasure to spare you the task here at Bickley Mill, where we make an outstanding Sunday lunch with all the trimmings and no washing up.

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6. Call extra time and give Monday the slip

One final, failsafe way to ensure Sunday is spot on is to…cheat! As we all know, Monday morning is what tends to kill Sunday evening. So why not extend the weekend and give yourself the breather you deserve? Devon was simply made for long weekends!

Our Classic Sunday package has all the essential ingredients for the perfect Sunday night stay in Devon; it’s your opportunity to cosy-up by the fire, tuck into a traditional Sunday Roast, and say ‘goodbye’ to the Sunday night Blues!

What’s included…

  • A roast dinner for two (served at lunch or dinner time)

  • A restful night’s slumber in a stylish Double Bedroom

  • A sweet treat ready in your room upon arrival

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