Why Pubs Make a Fantastic Wedding Venue


One of the main benefits of a pub wedding venue is that they are often a more affordable option compared to traditional wedding venues. You can save a lot on the cost of the venue, which can then be put towards other aspects of the wedding, such as catering or hiring great entertainment. 

"At Bickley Mill Inn in Devon, we understand how important this special day is to you and your family. We strive to create a warm atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Our charming, rustic environment makes your dreams of a simple relaxed Devon wedding come true." 

-- Vanessa Woodleigh-Smith, Owner, Bickley Mill Inn 

Plenty of character 

Pubs are often full of character and charm, providing you with a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day. They offer a unique feel that you might not get from a traditional wedding venue. That means your wedding is much more distinctive and personalised. 

Catering options 

Pubs usually have a great reputation for food, which can be a massive relief for couples who do not want to worry about bringing catering in from outside the location. You can even offer a range of different meal styles such as a formal sit-down dinner or a more casual buffet style. 

Great outdoor space 

Most pubs have cool beer gardens and outdoor spaces for al fresco drinks or partying on a warm evening. For summer weddings, this can be especially appealing, and you can decorate the outdoor space to your liking. 


Some pub venues have accommodation available for guests who don’t want to leave after the party is over. This means that you can have your nearest and dearest stay all in one place, and this often works out much cheaper than booking separate hotel rooms. 

Overall, pubs make a fantastic wedding venue for stylish, unconventional couples who want a fun and memorable day. They have a lot to offer, from great catering options and affordability to characterful surroundings and charming accommodation. If you want to be confident that your wedding will be one to remember, consider a pub wedding venue. 

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