Why Winter is the perfect time for a wedding

While late spring or summer is the most popular time of year to get married, at Bickley Mill we believe that winter weddings can be just as beautiful and even more unique! Here are our top eight reasons why you should consider having a winter wedding.

1. Atmosphere

Cold weather anddarker evenings can allow you to create a cosy or romantic atmosphere. Think offairy lights and candles lighting up your venue and, if you're lucky, beautiful snowy scenery! 

2. It's Unique

Having your wedding in winter gives you the chance to make it different. For starters, with fewer weddings at this time of year, it will be more memorable for your guests. For example, instead of a cold platter with prosecco, you could serve warming food and mulled wine, or even hot cocoa! You can include darker, richer colours in your colour scheme and use snowflakes, greenery or even Christmas baubles in your décor.

3. Availability

Far fewer couples choose to get married in the winter, so you'll have far less competition for your favourite suppliers, such as photographers, florists and car hire.

4. Attendance

There are many public holidays in winter and getting married around this time has many advantages. Your friends and family may already have time off work around Christmas and the New Year, which gives you more options when picking a date. Also, the chances of clashing with someone's holiday or even another wedding are far smaller than in June or July, so more of your guests will be able to attend.  

5. Value for money

Most wedding shops and suppliers are less busy during the winter, so are even more keen to do business – this allows you to take advantage of sales and negotiate prices.

6. Festivity

Whether your wedding is near to Christmas, New Year's Eve or Valentines Day, winter is a time when people are already in a celebratory mood, making it the perfect time to gather everyone together for your special day.

7. Weather

Winter provides something that no other season can – snow! A white, wintry backdrop makes for beautiful photographs without having to worry about overheating in your suit or having your makeup spoil in the heat. Furthermore, there's no need to worry about rain ruining your day - if needed everything can be indoors, and you and your guests will be prepared for the cold.

8. Honeymoons

Not only will your honeymoon be cheaper when you are avoiding peak season and school holidays, but you can choose to visit somewhere tropical like the Caribbean without having to worry about hurricane season, which is generally between June and September.

Winter Weddings at Bickley Mill Inn

At Bickley Mil Inn, we offer fantastic winter wedding packages. To talk about your perfect wedding call our Wedding Coordinator Louise on 01803 873201. You can also read more about our wedding packages.


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